Things to do and places to see

Things to do and places to see

Things to do: 2 Km

Wine cellar alleyways

Explore mysterious streets of old wine cellars. In South Moravia you will find unique alleyways of wine cellars not found anywhere else in Europe. During the year many traditional folklore and wine events take place in our village and its surroundings.
In our village Moravska Nova Ves you can take a walk through local wine cellar alleys Výmol and Zátiší, where we can arrange for our guests tasting of local wines. In the nearby village Prušánky you will find a beautiful wine cellar village Nechory  ( and in a village Čejkovice you can visit the Templar cellars ( We also recommend a trip to a nearby village Petrov to a village memorial conservation area Plže, where you will find 80 wine cellars, some built as early as the 15th century (

Things to do: 6 Km

Excavations in Mikulčice

This national cultural relic is a place of historical importance, set in a beautiful countryside, remarkable as a historical site of Great Moravia (8-10th century AD). Two archeological exhibitions with priceless excavations. The original seat of Great Moravia kings and a place of cultural and religious mission of St. Cyril and Methodius.

Things to do: 14 Km

Cruises along the Baťa's  Canal

The length of the Bata Canal is currently approximately 60 km. Some sections lead through the river Morava, elsewhere they lead through artificially excavated canal stretches. It is navigable from Kromeříž to Hodonín. Visitors can rent a small motorboat, those who just want to have a comfortable ride can choose a regular cruise on a larger cruise ship. There is also cycle track that runs along the canal, which is more than 80 km long, followed by paths and tracks in the area, including the Moravian Wine Routes. 

Things to do: 23 Km

The Lednice-Valtice Area

It is one of the most beautiful chateaux grounds and the most extensive artistic landscape in the world. Since 1996 it has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The area is unique in its landscape, castle park, greenhouse, minaret and two chateaux. Panorama of the landscape between Lednice and Valtice is illustrated by ponds and romantic buildings such as Janohrad, Hunting Lodge, Border Chateau, Rendezvous, Colonnade etc.

Things to do: 29 Km

Town Strážnice

Strážnice is a town of wine and folk traditions. There is also a chateau and an open-air museum, which contains examples of folk architecture from the whole region. Many interesting sights are also located in the historical town center.

Things to do: 34 Km

PLA Pálava and Dolní Věstonice

Protected Landscape Area Pálava was founded in 1976 on an area of ​​76 km2. In 1986, it was added to the list of UNESCO's Biosphere Reserves. Since 2003, Pálava is part of the extended biosphere reserve Dolní Morava, which also includes the Lednice-Valtice Area and floodplain forests at the confluence of rivers Morava and Dyje.

Pálava is interwoven with a network of hiking and cycling routes.

While in this area, you can also visit a village Dolní Věstonice known for a series of ice age archaeological sites, including the oldest permanent human settlement ever found by archaeologists in the entire world.These sites were used by mammoth hunters, and finds include a triple burial and the Venus of Dolní Věstonice.í_Věstonice

Things to do: 36 Km

Historical town Mikulov

In this picturesque town you can visit among others a baroque chateau and its park, historic square, Dietrichstein tomb, Jewish cemetery and monuments of Jewish community, or enjoy views of the area from the Holy Hill.

Things to do: 85 Km

Bratislava, Slovakia

We are situated on the border with Slovakia. You can visit the capital of Slovakia Bratislava, which is easy to get to by car or by direct train from nearby Břeclav.

Things to do: 102 Km

Vienna, Austria

By train from Břeclav:  54min
Tourists can also visit Austria, the nearest border crossing Poštorná-Reinthal is only 15 km away. We also recommend a trip to Vienna. You can catch a train from nearby town Břeclav, which will get you directly to the center of Vienna in under an hour.